Weaver Girl and Cowherd
written by Dr. Klaus G. Muller
A sentimental Chinese story is connected to the stars Altair and Vega.
A celestial weaver girl, who weaves the colourful clouds into beautiful brocade fabric, and a poor cowherd fall in love.
They are so happy together, that they neglect their work.
To punish them, the gods exile them each to one of two different stars, separated by the silver sky river (our milky way).
Once every year on the seventh day of the seventh month, magpies form a bridge so that the lovers can meet.
On this day, the Chinese Valentine's Day, it often rains so that the lovers are protected from our curious looks.
Their two little children live with the cowherd. He carries them in two baskets suspended from a shoulder pole.
They are the two small stars on both sides of Altair.

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